Frances Munro

Who are You?

Each of us consists of a Mind, Body and Soul (Spirit). It is important that you understand how to coordinate these elements into a cohesive force of power for the betterment of your life

Author - Public Speaker - Messenger for God

Why Are You Here?

Man helping another whilst climbing

No matter what the circumstances where you were born, your life here was not an accident.

It was planned!

It may be that you are here on an important journey of a new experience and understanding for you. It was a journey you chose, and God created the framework to suit your needs, and then sowed the seeds of spirit life within your body (just like inserting a battery) for your full like to begin.

This was also timed to be a vital path of learning for those around you.

….part of your life is to help others!

In certain circumstances, your life and what you do with it, can even be the catalyst for major changes in the world. You think not…but we are born equally and who is to say that you are not the person to instigate change in others?

You are here to lift others, as God is here to lift you.

In short….everyone has an important role to play, and God’s energy is there to guide you, and support you in order for the best options to be available for your journey.