Frances Munro

Who are You?

Each of us consists of a Mind, Body and Soul (Spirit). It is important that you understand how to coordinate these elements into a cohesive force of power for the betterment of your life

Author - Public Speaker - Messenger for God

If God is all powerful, why is there suffering?

Because the human race falls down on its role as protector and curator, and it’s part of your role here.

The more people that turn away from the Universal Energy, and the instinctive need to improve the quality of life overall the less power there is to promote good both in our own lives and those of others and the world as a whole.

God can only watch when we fail others, and try to help us learn from our mistakes. God cannot do it for us, because there is THE UNWRITTEN CONTRACT* we each made with God, before we were conceived.

*Read about my forthcoming book THE UNWRITTEN CONTRACT, and reserve your copy.

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