Frances Munro

Who are You?

Each of us consists of a Mind, Body and Soul (Spirit). It is important that you understand how to coordinate these elements into a cohesive force of power for the betterment of your life

Author - Public Speaker - Messenger for God

Prayer Group

I try and advise people (without attention to race, creed or religion) on ways they can better their lives

I help people to realise that they have the power within them to change.

The setting up of the Prayer Group over the Internet has been used to great effect. This is not religious in any way, but my goodness, does it work.

Many dismiss the power of prayer, but if you believe the words and are in a group you have the power of all the others fighting your corner along with you.

Go to Prayer Group to see how it works

The Great Misunderstanding

When we come to this life on Earth, we bring nothing with us other than our Soul. When it is time for us to depart this life we have lived, we leave with nothing but our soul.

What we do between these two points is entirely up to us, allowing for the tasks we set ourselves prior to coming here.

We will be influenced by our parents, our friends, the teachers in our school and by society in general, but we can still make our own choices as to the direction that our life takes.

We will receive guidance from many sources, some of it good and sound, and some of it will be less well meaning.

We have to make our own decisions and apply our own filters to this massive input of information and advice to our senses, as to what we will accept and reject, according to our beliefs, and then apply that decision to our own life pathway.

To find out more about how to influence your life look at What is Your Belief?

Take control of Your Life.

You have the Power; Learn how to use it.

There are many misunderstandings in life. We must heal those that can tear us apart!

But; a non-belief in God is a misunderstanding that can only threaten your life’s development plan, but also the future of mankind and the health of the planet. Why?

In truth, God is an incredibly powerful Spirit Energy that is essential to every life, and the health of the planet. It isn’t an option!

It is a FACT that GOD’S UNIVERSAL ENERGY exists, so don’t make the costly mistake of thinking that it doesn’t, because you have to BELIEVE if you really want to ACHIEVE. Find out more

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Is There Life after Death?
Yes you are only here for a short visit in your eternal life.

Why are You Here?
You life is planned, not an accident!

Why is there Suffering?

Because we fall down in our role.