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I have a lot of new things coming up.

God Help Us

I am in the final throes of my newest and most difficult and important book, which I am looking to have printed professionally.

It will be called “God Help US” and uses information that I have been given by spirit, compiled and amassed over the last 18 years.

It will be a major book, and certainly is the most significant task I have undertaken in my life.

Like the Inspirational Wisdom Cards shown above, I have again worked in collaboration with Judy Mastrangelo in the United States on a new set of cards, which came about at the request of US Games themselves. It is hoped that this set will be out early in 2017.

We are of course delighted to be asked by them as it will make the third set for me, - a vote of confidence in the quality and meaning of my work.

ATriumph Over A Label book cover New eBook we have published on behalf of Peter Ambrus

I have been privileged to be editor to a new and important

eBook written by a lovely person called Peter Ambrus, an Australian who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome. Through great personal difficulties he persevered with this book…(more)

Available through Amazon Kindle worldwide.


The book is about God and all of us, and it really means all of us by whatever religion you may follow. But it is patently not about religion.

The whole gist of the book is about how we treat others, ourselves, the planet itself, wildlife and so much more.

It isn’t a sermon of all we have done wrong, it’s about what we can do (and have to do) to put things right to make things better, not just for us, but for every living thing on the planet. See short extracts

When we come to this life on Earth, we bring nothing with us other than our soul. When it is time for us to depart this life we have lived, we leave with nothing but our soul.

What we do between these two points is entirely up to us. We will be influenced by our parents, friends and society, but we can still make our own choices as to the direction our life takes.

We will receive advice and guidance from many sources, some of it good and some will be less well meaning.

We have to make our own decisions and apply our own filters to this as to what we will accept or reject, and then apply that decision to our own life pathway.

Be yourself, live in society but make your life your own, and happiness and contentment will follow.