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Frances Munro


I Have a New Deck of Cards !

Fantastic new deck of Oracle Cards which have just been released by US Games.

Although officially released on 19th September, they have just recently reached the major distributors.

The cards are already well received, but for more information on the deck and where to obtain your own copy, just use this link.

Look out for our new eBooks

We already have some eBooks available through
Amazon, but we are about to release some brand
new ones, both with a strong theme.

One is called “It’s Simply Messages from God”. There are some of my personal writings over many years and condensed into a particular theme. It is an interesting read, no matter what your feelings are.

The other book is “God Programme” and is very much on revealing how you can work with God and live a better life for it. No ‘mumbo-jumbo’ just advice on how to make it happen for you. No church needed!

Have a look at a video review from a professional tarot card reviewer in the United States.

This is a highly usable set of cards that has practical everyday uses.